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Small Group or One-to-One

shutterstock_66306508At E F A we want you as parents to be able to choose what is right for your child in order that they can achieve their very best.

Many parents ask us what we would recommend for their child: Tuition in a Small Group or One-to-One? Our answer to this is always “It depends on your child”!

Here is a short overview as a guideline to help you to make the right choice for your child:


  • builds confidence through working independently
  • makes maximum use of time
  • enables all work to be aimed at your child’s needs
  • children are then able to take more control of their own progress and achievement

Small Groups  (3 – 5 children)

  • builds confidence through children being able to discuss their work
  • children working interactively enables them all to learn and make progress – learning from each other
  • working as a small group means that each child’s individual needs are fully met
  • social interaction also contributes positively to children’s learning

Of course you can contact us anytime to speak to one of our tutors directly to discuss any  needs or questions you may have.


Small Groups