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How We Can Help

11 plus tutoring, English and Maths TuitionWe can offer support to younger children who are low on confidence and need a little extra help.  School life can be daunting if your child is not keeping up in their Reading, English or Maths.

It is well known that children who are tutored for a minimum of nine months or more have a greater chance of improving their scores at 11+.  The children will work in classes of up to five children.


This course will concentrate on the skills of grammar, punctuation, developing vocabulary, comprehension, effective writing and different types of writing styles, as well as literary devices.


This course will be based on improving times tables, subtraction, multiplication, division and also percentages, decimals, fractions, plus all other relevant material for the examinations.

Verbal- and Non-Verbal Reasoning

It is believed to be an effective way of testing a child’s potential as well as learned ability.  While some of the question types simply test a child’s logical deduction skills or their ability to decipher codes, much of a CEM test will require a good vocabulary and strong basic Maths skills.